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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is Dropbox?

what is drop box
By: Muhammad Zahid Amir

Drop box is the latest uploading place works like your online hard drive. You may store any kind of your documents, pictures, videos, songs, photos or any other files easily. These files will remain saved into your selected folders.

The files may be uploaded into private or public folder. Public folder will be visible for all and the private folder is only view-able for user itself.
Secondly, you may also use Drop box into your blogs or websites. Now obviously you will be thinking that how it is possible? Below you may easily learn how to do it.

How to Use it?

Drop box is the best choice for webmaster owners as they may use it for the backup files which are downloadable on their websites.  Now let's learn how you may get more out of Drop box.
Suppose if you are offering your users to download software from your website then you may easily upload your software on Drop box by dragging and dropping your required file on drop box. After completion of uploading process, copy its public link by pressing right click on the uploaded file. Then go to your website/ blog and on download button paste the copied link. That’s it. Whenever your user will click on the download link, its download will immediately start and user will get its required software.
You may also share anything directly from Drop box to your friends by going to sharing option.

How to Install?

First you have to create a new account with Drop box and then you may easily use free space into your account provided by Drop box up to 2 GB.  You may create your free account by going to Drop box website. You may increase it by upgrading, referring and doing some other tasks offered by Drop box. See below for free space options.

Best Feature of Drop box:

The best thing of Drop box is that you may install it anywhere and also take your files with you. All its versions are free for Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile. You may download your windows version from our site below.

Now question raises that if we may use directly from Drop box website by signing in then why I need to download and install it?   The purpose for downloading and installing the Drop box onto your computer is that, after downloading and installing it onto your computer will require no signing in procedure every time when you need to upload your files. Yes its true. It will make a folder into your computer like general folders named with drop box and you just have to copy your required file and paste it into Drop box folder and your required file will start downloading immediately. How simple it is? Yes it is.

The only thing you required is that your PC must be connected with the internet.

Hope you will enjoy by using of Drop box. Just post below comments and let us know that how Drop box helped you and also let us know about any issues or problems regarding it through comments. 
Hope you will enjoy the ease of technology into your life. For any issues you may also Contact Us.

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