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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

Design: PROS Excellent graphicsFun gameplayA real sense of speedOne of the best arcade racing experiences of the year CONS Single-player needs some tweakingSlightly disappointing cop chases Summary Need For Speed: Most Wanted is not pretending to be something it isn't and Criterion has made sure that you are very aware of that. It is an arcade racer and an exceptional one at that, nothing else. The developers have done a superb job in polishing this title and making sure that the game is fun. It is a very polished game that looks gorgeous and plays well. Beware though, this game is a graphical powerhouse and unless your system is up to the challenge, you will be hard-pressed to get playable frame-rates from the game. There are very few games that can fulfil your need for speed the way this game does and is, quite surely, a must-play for any racing fanatic out there. RELATED STORIES NFS: Most Wanted drifts onto Android and iOS devices E3 2012: EA introduces Dead Space 3, Simcity Social, and Most Wanted reboot Related reviews: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Slick rollercoaster

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