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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

By Carla Bergoba

Fixed Asset Tracking SoftwareControlling fixed assets has always previously been troublesome, bigger organizations having real issues with this function. Relocating the assets are what cause the problem, as the asset register was not often updated. The new RFID automation platforms have done away with the desperate hunts which resulted.

Active tags make it possible for the automatic tracking to take place. While active tags can be more troublesome, they are best for this sort of application. High volumes of items to be tagged tend to point to the use of passive tagging.

The physical location of all the assets must still be verified, as tags could be removed. But the precise mapping of the exact locations of all assets simplifies this formerly time-consuming process. Management and control is greatly improved. The advent of bar codes brought some benefits, but nothing like this.

Damage or other factors can potentially inactivate the tags, so the assets can no longer be tracked. The availability of a recent location makes it much simpler to find the asset and replace any faulty tag, as memories of any movements are still fresh. Any faulty tags are picked up by the system almost immediately, so they can be attended to immediately and not let details get too out of date.

The fact that the location of these assets is always known is a great improvement. The previous system, with a manual hunt on an annual or six-month basis was inefficient. Control is now much more consistent, and financial figures more reliable as a result

Better planning has been made possible by these innovations. And it does not end with fixed assets: there are RFID automation platforms for every imaginable purpose. By extending the reach of computer power, these applications provide real benefit in terms of simplified control.

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