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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy Iphone Tips & Tricks

By Brown Jack

Many people from different families who think the iPhone is the best ever.
It is not uncommon to drop in the toilet, the toilet or something wet. Rather, than using a dryer, wipe the phone and immerse zip top in a plastic bag with lots of rice your phone.
Are you all constant will be communicated on our iPhone to you? Ill You can easily disable it by the following steps. See the application under the title "In Notification Center", then remove the need. It can also help your battery.

Use the following trick to create a message. Quickly You can ignore by tapping the screen. Proposed the word No need to make a small "x" button after the word.

iphone groceries

The majority of iPhone owners use their phone. It can be difficult to sort out all the pictures taken if they sorted.The iPhone photo album gallery of options that will allow you to organize your photos. This saves a godsend for those who need to quickly find a specific image without endless scrolling.

The default settings for your iPhone will show a preview of incoming text messages on the screen is locked. You can find it in a safe place or annoying. Items you want to disable the hot sample.

You can use your iPhone to indicate an incoming call or message visually. Access to this feature through the settings menu, go to "General" and then "availability". Then turn on the alert feature called LED flash alert.

Always upgrade the OS at any time a new version comes out. Apple iPhone now almost as complex as a computer, so that rare patch to restore functional problems, security holes and functionality problems. This update is important as personal information, alone or online with your phone.

Turn the keyboard click to hear the sound of each character is entered at the time of text messages. This can help you with the sound each time you press a button on the phone and the mistakes you make during eliminate typing.

You can select a ringtone. On your iPhone The combination of standard tunes with other users of the iPhone and is just one of many. Download the song or sound bytes. It's a great way to attract attention. Other people

Do not waste time offers words. It will continue to not "X" pressure after each word as you type.

Section calendar on your iPhone is a great organizational tool. You can make by adding the direct events, instead of always using the + button it better. When you're ready to take the "Day" view, just click on any time and keeping it there will be a new development in this period. Rapid Planning will save you a lot of time.

You can take a picture with your iPhone, with one hand on the iPhone. You will see that the quality of shooting this way.

Team marking unread emails iPhone will not see me you need to open it.

You can use the application to check the battery. They also have the ability to alert you when the batteries need to be calibrated by keeping your battery runs at its optimal level.

One of the main functions of your iPhone is very widespread in iOS. This dictionary can be used as a reference point in almost any application. Just hold your finger on a word and select "Identify" when the bar is a list of options.

It is very easy to access and control your iPod get instant favorite. Just go to settings, tap general, and finally to select. The Home button You can get up to a double-click and select the options you want to set. It's pretty easy to do if you follow these steps.

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