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Friday, November 16, 2012

Citrix Co-Founder Launches VirtualWorks to Combat Data Sprawl

Citrix co-founder and software industry veteran, Edward Iacobucci, along with a seasoned team of executives, have just launched VirtualWorks Group.
The company has developed an innovative enterprise framework, the Virtual Index Architecture (VIA). VIA works by indexing all types of data virtualizing the content amassed by companies. This is to enable employees to securely and quickly retrieve files from any application, location, or device—whether that data is structured, unstructured, resides in the cloud, or is hosted locally. Users are presented with a real-time image of relevant content from across the entirety of the enterprise.
VIA is a pre-integrated, plug-and-play framework that leaves data where it lives with no need for costly system integrations. A huge potential benefit is to increase employee productivity and provide deeper information insight. Uses for it include reporting, auditing, search, or creating new applications based upon a common index.
Engineered to handle both static and dynamic data, VIA is an extensible framework. It works seamlessly with any SQL-based application through Cross-Indexers that plug into the framework with no custom integration required. It's been designed to make it fast and easy for developers to create new Index-Enabled Applications that optimize the value of information for organizations.
"The exponential growth of data is only matched by its value to the enterprise," said Iacobucci, chairman and CEO of VirtualWorks. "With the rise of the mobile workforce, new digital media channels and a ten-fold growth of data in the last five years, organizations of all sizes are overwhelmed by data sprawl. It's clear that a radical new approach is required. Our new VIA framework is radical in that its non-disruptive: it doesn't require end-user or organizational changes or custom system integration efforts. VIA indexes the entire information stack, wherever it lives, to create more productive, nimble and competitive organizations."
VirtualWorks is backed by private and institutional investors. The company raised $8 million in first-round funding, which is being used as operating capital to execute on the company's vision and strategy. The company's technology is currently being used by more than 300 private and public sector organizations in Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

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