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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Final Shootout"

turrets, defense and soldiers and skillfully combining them you can repel any zombies' attack. Among the turrets there are such significant items as rocket and flame ones which cause even more destruction but also cost much more. In Final Shootout you can also use some defensive elements like sandbags to block the creatures, mines to blow them up and barrels of oil to make them freeze with terror. Don't forget to equip your soldiers who will do their best to help you defeat the dreadful creatures. And you always need money! That's why you'd better start with the tutorial where you meet zombies in the open space and can practice a lot. Be prepared that the other locations in Final Shootout will be more difficult to hold and the zombies' waves will be even more numerous. Pay attention to the first person mode where you can control the situation and shoot for one of the soldiers. Enjoy the game whenever you like absolutely for free right now!

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