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Monday, November 26, 2012

Zync Cloud Z5 Review

The Zync Cloud Z5 is a promising device as a budget 5-inch device. For Rs. 9,000, you are getting a smartphone-tablet hybrid that has decent performance as a phone and a multimedia device. If you want an IPS display, you can take a look at the iBall Andi 5c. But as of now there are only a few options available in the budget phablet category. If you are desperate to pick one up, you can go for either, depending on your budget. But we'd suggest that you hang on to your cash for a bit longer until this category gets populated with a few more options.
RELATED STORIES Zync launches dual-SIM 5-inch 'Cloud Z5' phablet for Rs. 9,490 Samsung Galaxy Note II launched in India at Rs. 39,990; Galaxy Camera unveiled
Related reviews: Apple iPhone 5 Review HTC Windows Phone 8X Review iBall Andi 5c Review Review Specifications & Performance The phablet as a device has found the sweet spot between a traditional smartphone and a 7-inch tablet. This space wasn’t always successful though. The Dell Streak was the pioneer in this category and the device really didn't take off.
In 2011, Samsung took a bold step and reignited the category with the launch of the Galaxy Note. The device did well enough not only to get Samsung to launch the Note II in 2012, but also paved the way for a phablet market.We have seen a few phablets try and take on the Note II. Some of the competition includes the LG Optimus Vu and the HTC Droid DNA (J Butterfly). The fact still remains that all of these devices are premium priced.But that didn't remain the case for long. Recently, many manufacturers have introduced low-cost phablet devices. We some hands on time with the iBall Andi 5c (read our review) and as a budget smartphone-tablet hybrid, the device performed reasonably. Today we have with us the Zync Cloud Z5, another entry in the budget phablet market. Is this device worth a glance, or are you better off going in for a premium phablet?Build and Design
It’s well said that to be the best, you need to first copy the best and this fact is very well visible with the Zync Cloud Z5. One look at the device and you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (the first generation Galaxy Note).On the face the Cloud Z5 has a 5-inch display that is quite big. It’s clear that Zync doesn't want you to mistake this device as the Galaxy Note as there is “Zync” clearly written below the earpiece. Below the display is the physical home button that also doubles up as the multitasking button. To the left of this button is the capacitive menu button and to the right rests a capacitive back button. Very Samsung Galaxy Note-like!

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