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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Parallels Desktop 8 Review

Design: PROS Brings compatibility for Mountain Lion and Windows 8Better battery performanceFaster booting up of Windows 8 through Parallels Desktop 8 CONS Running in Coherence Mode is a little confusing due to lack of Start MenuWindows 8 performance is generally slow as we noted in our observations and Cinebench and 3D Mark benchmarks Summary Parallels Desktop has provided the perfect solution to those who are adamant on owning a Mac, but also want to run Windows OS on it. While Bootcamp is a very good option, it is not best suited as it requires a constant reboot. Parallels Desktop 8 brings together the ability to run a whole buffet of operating systems together with Mountain Lion, without having to reboot the system over and over again. The new version is being touted as a faster and more efficient performer, especially with respect to Windows 8, so we got the software running on our MacBook Pro to find out whether it holds true to its word or not.

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