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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gladinet Cloud Desktop 4.0.976

Gladinet Cloud Desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders. Users can access their cloud files in Windows Explorer. Supported storage includes Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic, Box.net, EMC Atmos onLine, FTP, Google Docs and Picasa, Google Storage for Developer, Mezeo, Nirvanix, OpenStack, Peer1 CloudOne, Rackspace Cloud Files, WebDav, Windows Azure Storage, and more. Once the storage is mounted as local folders, users can setup backup tasks in Gladinet, to simultaneously backup multiple local folders to a redundant arrary of cloud storage. For example, users can backup a local folder on drive C and another on drive D to an FTP server, Amazon S3 and WebDav server in a single task. Users can also setup Google Docs backup task, to backup documents in Google Docs to other cloud storage directly.
Main features:
Access cloud storage like a local drive.Backup files, folders and email to any cloud storage service.Sync data across multiple computers using any cloud storage.Secure your cloud storage with military grade encryption. 

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  1. Cloud desktop has incredible benefits that you can use your internet from anywhere, increased security, inferior costs, flexibility and improved privacy measures.


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