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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Set Up Multiple Monitors in Windows 8

One of Windows 8's improvements over its predecessors, for both the new Metro user interface and the traditional Windows desktop view of the operating system, is how flexibly it now supports multiple monitor configurations. And for the very likely Windows 8 scenario in which a tablet is used at home and on the road for pleasure and then docked to a desktop setup including a larger monitor and standard keyboard for serious work at the office, robust multi-monitor support is a must.

Key new features for multiple monitor setups in Windows 8 include the ability to include the Taskbar on each monitor in an extended display, and to stretch a single wallpaper across multiple monitors, or use different wallpaper on each. Maybe most important, you can run Metro apps in one screen and full Windows desktop apps in another, side by side. Microsoft has also put some effort into making multiple monitor setups usable with mouse and keyboard, with things like hot corners. 

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