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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to transfer office files from Android Phone to PC by Kingsoft Office?

Posted in News, PDF & Files  by Eric Editing the files with Read rest of the story to android tablet and android phone is fast and efficient, more and more phone prefer to mange documents by cells, but most file need to share to PC for the formal saving, so transferring files from Android phone to PC is very important, Today, we’ll show you how to easily transfer office files from Android to PC by Kingsoft Office for Android.

Office for Android can support Word format including doc. and docx., Excel format including xls. and xlsx., PowerPoint format including ppt. and pptx. You can create and edit office files by your Android phone with Kingsoft Office for Android and then transfer to PC. There are three types of file sharing:

Method 1. Transfer file by USB cable

The simplest way to transfer a file from your android phone to PC is using a USB cable. Just connect your android and PC via the USB cable and you will see a message on your phone screen asking you what you want to do. The steps are shown as follows:

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable. There will appear a pop-up dialog box asking you how you want to connect the device.

2. Choose 'Connect as hardware'. And the the android phone displayed as hardware.

3. Double-click to open the Android phone. And move the office file created by Kingsoft Office for android to the hard drive.

4. Finally you can directly open the office files via your android phone.

Method 2. Transfer files by Email

You also can share files by sending email to your mailbox, and then open that file by Android phone. The steps are shown as follows:

1. Open the document that you want to transfer to PC.

2. Tap the third button from the right at the top of the main interface screen. This will open a pop-up box containing the options 'Email Document' and 'Send to Cloud Storage'.

3. Tap the 'Email Document' button and you will enter a new interface where it is possible to select documents as email attachments.

4. Enter the email address of your recipient and the title of your message to send the file.

Method 3. Transfer file by Cloud Storage

The best way to transfer a file to from your android phone the PC is using Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a model in which data are stored online on multiple virtual servers. Basically you save your data on a server and can access it from anywhere. The steps are shown as follows:

1. Open the file that you want to transfer, and then, on the Share group, click the Send Cloud button.

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